Tuesday, March 21, 2006

D2 receptor for craving in drug addiction

via Science Daily
Dr. David Self and graduate student Scott Edwards bases the study on the different between the activation of D1 and D2 (dopamine receptors) in the craving behavior when a rats became addict to cocaïne, "molecules that activate D1 are believed to decrease the craving response, while D2 activators are believed to increase it." They found that "the strongly addicted rats responded more aggressively to the craving-enhancing D2 activator than the less-addicted rats did, and were not as strongly deterred by the D1 activator." By studying those receptors they wants to help addicted humans to fight again this illness. As they said: "If people do become addicted and say they want to quit, their brain system for inhibiting craving is weaker. We want to try to strengthen those systems that help them inhibit their craving,"


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