Saturday, March 25, 2006


Here in Quebec, every year we have a scientific contest for high-school and college students. Today, I've been to the regional part of this contest. I feel a lot of enthusiasm about neuroscience. Actually, the majority of presentation was so-so, but one guy keep my attention.

He talked about the role of the astrocyte in the synchronicity of cerebral activity and the possible link with cognition. He present this paper, and he does the hypothesis that the modulation of glutamate release by the astrocyte could influence the way we process information, then our cognition. Obviously, he wasn't a Ph.D. candidate so he throw the idea in the air, but that sound good. I'm not either a Ph.D. candidate on the subject so I don't know waht is the link between glia and cognition. I'll try to read on the subject in the next days and comeback with more information.


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