Monday, March 13, 2006

First poster

Today, I spend all my time polishing my first poster as first author. I'm kinda proud about what I did. I'm not going in a big congress, it's not SFN or FENS or whatever others big congress. It's not that small, but the main subjet isn't neuroscience, it's psychology. The congress is SQRP, in english Quebec Society for Research in Psychology. I'll probably be the only, or maybe we're gonne be a couple if I'm lucky, one working on animal.

My poster title is: Effect of exposition to a novel or familiar stimulation on the expression of arg3.1 in C57BL/6 mice.

Arg3.1 is IEG a gene that code for a protein implicated in synaptic plasticity, it's found in dendrites and some scientists said that means it plays a role in activity-dependant plasticity. We found that the expression of this gene is higher in deep layer VI. This layer is in link with intra-cortical and sub-cortical connection, so that leads us to believe in plasticity at this level instead of in layer IV where the inputs from the senses arrived.

That means that there's encoding system in first stage of processing informations in the primary cortex. Moreover, when the simulation becomes familiar, the stimulus has already switched in longterm memory, then they is a massive drop of arg3.1's neurones in cortex. That leads us to think that there's a early process in encoding that changes in a another process on comparison of the stimulus with what is on longterm memory, probably through the hippocampus.


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