Monday, March 20, 2006

The science of religion

Daniel Dennett posted on Seed magazine about why the scientific study of religion is a necessary.

He first talking about a general introduction on science's rules: "Those who want to make claims about religion will have to live by the same rules: prove it or drop it." He shows with this affirmation that science is not again religion, but if religion wants to claims anythings, they have to prove it as any sciences does. They haven't a special status that raise them over the scientific facts !

Then, he gives some good exemples of how usefull it's to study it. There's some scientific facts on the positives effects of believing in God for health and moral. "There is growing evidence that many religions have succeeded remarkably well on this score, improving both the health and the morale of their members, quite independently of the good works they may have accomplished to benefit."

There's numbers of study that shows how minds can control somatic aspect of life, there's maybe the same process for praying or believing, it's probably changing our mind states and have outcome on physicals aspects. As Dennett said: "There is no better source of truth on any topic than well-conducted science, and they know it (religious people)." Then, lets the science doing his works, the truth at the ends could be good for scientist and believers !


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