Wednesday, April 05, 2006

As a lot of well know scientist, par exemple David Suzuki and Hubert Reeves said, the planet earth do not feels really good right now. To much Carbon dioxide in air, we are killing to much of virgin forest. Together, those to fact put us to change our habits or to be exterminated. But we could move to Mard, that another option !

Why this introduction about the importance of the environment and acting in a way to protect the planet ? It's juste because I read a short article on the implication of living on Mars and I want to blog on this subject.

Former astronaut James Pawelczyk said that "isn't the engineering work to design the spacecraft, because most of those tasks are identified and being addressed." I can figure it when we see that right now we can build underwater hotel, then when we'll be ready to export humans on Mars, we should be able to set the structure tu support life on this planet.

Pawelczy said that the problem is at another level. He said that "protecting humans from high-level radiation, as well as bone and muscle loss, pose the greatest challenges in getting to Mars." Ok, I don't know a lot about the effect of radiation on Mars on Human. I just found it interesting to see that the big challenge is how our cells will be able to adapt to radiation more than building place to live.


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