Tuesday, April 11, 2006

God isn't in every brain !

I discover this blog via Pharyngula,Amused Muse. There's a nice post about trying to give God feeling to Richard Dawkins., for those who maybe don't know him !


Blogger LaVon said...

That was interesting, the fact that this experiment actually took place is a mystery in itself. Although, I was hoping that the results would show that scientists can re-create the feelings many people have, of God, in order to disprove the existence of such an entity. Mainly because experiencing God would essentially boil down to some evolution-derived neurobiochemical series of reactions which would make the idea of God less spiritual - being that the feelings can be artificially re-created in a lab anywhere in the world. I'm an atheist; despite 60 percent of my life attending private, predominately catholic schools.

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