Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Neurophysiology of the near-death experience.

via Nature

The near-death experiences are describes as:
At times of extreme danger or trauma, many people report out-of-body experiences, seeing intense lights, or a feeling of peace

They've shown in the past that we can simulated those altered state by electrical stimulation or even by drugs. Then, this is not a metaphysics altered state of conscience, it's probably in big part a physiological state. Also, in the phenomen some people said that theirs arms and legs were paralysed. Then Kevin Nelson, made a link with REM, cause when find those symptoms in the kind of sleep, that what the article taling about !
Via the Near Death Experience Research Foundation, based in Federal Way, Washington, Nelson found 55 people who reported near-death experiences after traumatic incidents such as car accidents or heart surgery. He also interviewed an equal number who had not had any such experiences.

Of those who reported near-death experiences, 60% also reported having had at least one incident where they felt sleep and wakefulness blurred together. For those without a near-death experience the figure was 24%.

Such blurred periods can include sleep paralysis. Others report visual or auditory hallucinations. Such incidents can occur when some aspects of sleep's dreaming, or rapid eye movement (REM) state, intrudes into wakefulness.

In REM sleep, muscles can lose their tone or tension, inducing a feeling of paralysis. The visual activity during this state may also explain the feeling of being surrounded by light.

Damn sleep that come and fuck our daily consciousness !


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