Friday, April 07, 2006

Podcast on psychology

I listened to This week in science a one hour radio show on science. The show is available for podcasting ! This week they talked about two studies that I found really interesting !
The first one was about the fact that is your smeeling the sweat of people how have been afraid you'll be more accurate and more quick to answer on word revealing a link with fear ! I don't know anything else on this study, that what I remembers of the show. Maybe the method was wrong and blablabla but I found it interesting !
The second is about the ancipation of laughing. When you're anticipate to laugh you have higher secretion of endorphine and growth hormone. So, if you're going to see a comedy, just going to will make you feel better ! You can save a lot of money with that, you don't realy have to go to see the movie but you thinking that you'll go !
Moreover they chat about other topic as climate, ecology etc. Dowload it and listen it, you'll see !


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