Saturday, April 08, 2006

Spirituality and Psychology !?!

Did you ever open a bookstore's flyers and find a section of books called spiritualy and psychology ? It just happended to me 5 minutes ago ! Then I googled both words to see the results. 11 400 000 ! Does it means that more a big part of the population those words have a blended meaning !? I'm in psychology undergraduate program for 2 years and half, then psychology sound to me as science with some part from humanities and another another part in more fondamentals. Some religious person try to use this science for their profit, to do marketing on the name of psychology.

The fist google pick is The school of spiritual psychology use it to create a fake academis division of psychology to recrute people in a look-like sect. The director Robert Sardello and Cheryl Sanders recommends also just theirs books. There's somethings that keep everyone in the school with the main idea of the way. And it's not scientific way !

I try on wikipidea and Spiritual Psychology redirected me to Transpersonal psychology. On the article, they link it as the fourth forces in psychology with psychanalisis, humanist and behaviorism, I only considered the last one as psychology in fact. It's the only one that you can do double-blind trial to see that helping on mental health. Psychanalisis and humanist should be considered as counselling or somethings helping people to feels better by a good confident in someone with a framework theory to motivate you to change. But the article is talking about those three forces as psychology without any shame or discomfort ! If everyone consider all of it as psychology maybe I to stiff on my definition of psychology ! But I wouln't considere to allow Spirituality and Psychology going together. Maybe I'm not alone wikipedia transfere us to don't link those to word !


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